About Us

The Hindu Temple Radha Shyam Dham is a registprateekered Non-profit organization founded in 2017. Its mission was to help Indian community here in DFW Metroplex, to practice and nurture age old Indian tradition and culture. Radha Shyam Dham is an effective center that promotes bhakti(devotion), rich culture and heritage of Indian, peace of mind, selfconfidence, universal brotherhood and religious harmony among all the people.

Main Priest

Ishan das Pujari born in 1970 in a india. He was migrated to US in his chaildhod and worked in ISCON Temple in Dallas for 18 yesrs before he started Radha Shyam Dham. Ishan das decorates dities in temple every day twice once in the morning 4ma and another again in the evening 6pm.


Prateek Desai is the founder of Radha Shyam Dham. Prateek is an young entrepreneur manages his own business along with providing all the necessary support to run the temple.